Accounting, management information and internal control are vital to any business or organisation. Adams Mitchell are able to provide a range of services suitable for any business, whether it be preparing a profit and loss account or rental income statement to support a tax return, maintaining full accounting records, preparing management accounts through to preparing statutory accounts.

We prepare accounts for our clients, whether companies, partnerships, charities or sole traders either for statutory purposes, or for taxation purposes. We also advise on the appropriate choice of format under the recent accounting standards (FRS102 and FRS105).

We can take the burden of maintaining your accounting records from you or proffer advice on how best to operate your accounts department or financial controls.

We look at the most cost effective way of delivering this service to you and concentrate our resources where you most need help. We can assist in all areas and are always there to support you or your staff with technical advice. We can act as the outside financial director, supporting you in your business decisions.

If you would like to know more about our Financial Accounting service, or would like to arrange a free initial consultation to see how we can assist, please contact us.

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